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Do you have a single government contract you want to bid on but don’t have a proposal writing team? We will write individual proposals for clients for a public tender in Canada.

For  individual proposals for non-retainer clients, we charge a deposit ranging from $400-$1,200 to guarantee a compliant bid plus a 3% fee if the client is awarded the contract. The deposit is priced according to the complexity of the contract. If the client does not win the contract, there are no additional fees beyond the initial deposit.

Services Included:

    1. RFP Readthroughs – Request for Proposals “RFP” and Request for Qualifications “RFQ” are the technical documents posted for requesting bids. We read through them and summarize to you what you will need to provide. These documents range from 7-100 pages with the typical one averaging 30 pages.
    2. Research / Bid Strategy – When you retain our services, within 24 hours we will begin to analyze related public documents (e.g. trade agreements, comparable past contract awards) and contact the procurement officers to clarify necessary items (and there are always things that need to be clarified).
    3. Proposal Write Up – We amalgamate all the information that is publicly available and your answers to put it into the correct form for submission.
    4. Guaranteed Compliant Bid – RFPs have constantly changing “mandatory criteria” that your bid must communicate. Your bid will be guaranteed to properly communicate the ways you meet the contract. Procurement officers cannot check your website or ask you to clarify items after the deadline has passed, so if you do not have a proper write-up it is declared “non-responsive” and you are disqualified.
    5. Registration – You will be registered as a Registered Supplier with the Federal government
    6. Extra Employee – Small business owners often write the bids in the evenings and weekends, by outsourcing the bid writing process, you essentially have an extra employee dedicated to your government bid writing at a significantly lower cost than having someone on your payroll. Instead of requiring yourself or your admin assistant to learn about the procurement process, you outsource to my expertise and free up your time to work in your business.

    Does it make more sense to put Jametec on retainer? Please see the services included here.

    Please refer to our FAQ.