Why You Should Bid on Government Contracts

When people are asked what they think when they hear the term “government contract” some things come to mind: military, bridges, big multi-million dollar infrastructure spending, cumbersome process, most business owners hear it and simply don’t bother. I’m here to help explain why government contracting is something you should consider.

  1. OPPORTUNITY – Any purchase over $25,000 goes out to public tender. While some people think military & construction projects when they hear “government contract” the truth is that it includes many more industries including catering, web design, janitorial services, landscaping, recruiting and much more. $25,000 is a very low threshold.
  2. MULTI-YEAR CONTRACTS – Public institutions have a strong preference to having multi-year agreements to avoid having to tender every purchase every year. This reliable stream of income will allow you to grow your business in other areas.
  3. LESS COMPETITION – Due to the complex nature of bid submissions, the average RFP receives only 4 responses with some receiving none at all. Many business owners don’t have the time and simply don’t bother. Jametec is your outsourced proposal management team to allow you to bid on contracts while not taking away from running your day-to-day business and doing what you do best.
  4. OPEN AND TRANSPARENT PROCESS – Subjective terms like “best value” are slowly being removed from the procurement process. The trend in government spending is towards more competition and greater emphasis on non-price factors (e.g. social/sustainability endeavours, more inclusive procurement).

If your company’s headquarters is located in British Columbia, you have the capacity for growth and would like to hear more about Jametec’s services, please reach out to me on here to discuss working together.